Fluidscapes Careers

Procurement & Inventory Exe

1 Position
2-3yrs yrs Experience

As a Procurement & Inventory Executive, you will be responsible for assessing
products, services, and suppliers and negotiating contracts. He/she will
procure/manage the stocks and assign them as per the business needs while
keeping an impeccable trace for the movements/storage of all assets.

Vendor Empanelment & Management

  • Ensuring the cost-effective purchase of all materials and services as
    required by the procurement plan
  • Identifying ideal vendors as per business requirements
  • Engaging and assisting the vendors in the organization’s Vendor
    Empanelment process.
  • Sharing and storing vendor documents (GST Certificate, Cancelled Cheque,
    etc.) with the finance team.
  •  Effectively negotiate with vendors and get the best deals for the
  • Issuing purchase orders to approved proposals.
  • Coordinating and ensuring timely delivery of items/services.
  • Coordinating with the Finance team to ensure timely payment to vendors.
  • Closing the requisition by communicating to all parties and ensuring
    updates along the process.

Warehouse Management

  • Manage deliveries received at the warehouse.
  •  Sort, Code & Store all items in the warehouse space.
  • Control inventory levels by conducting physical counts; reconciling with
    data storage system.
  • Maintain physical condition of warehouse by planning and implementing
    new design layouts; inspecting equipment; issuing work orders for repair
    and requisitions for replacement.

Inventory Management

  • Tech-savvy approach in bringing onboard the latest tools and technologies
    from the inventory management and sector.
  • Maintains accurate data and records in the inventory management tools
    while assigning, receiving, and procuring items to and from the inventory.
  • Develop/use the asset tagging process and tag the existing assets in the
    company while following the same process to tag the new assets
    organization will procure.
  • Managing user requests in the system and delivering the items/services to
    the staff as per business requirements
  • Manage the health of assets by ensuring timely services, AMC’s and Asset
  • Implement a loss/theft prevention program (RFID’s etc