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Creative Director (Director on Field)

1 Position
5 yrs Experience

Job Description:
We are looking for a talented and motivated Creative Director to lead our company's Field Production
Functions & related Operations who has expertise in Creative Production Work, directing the right Camera and light work. Creative Director is responsible for an event’s complete coverage with proper capture of critical aspects of the events, which will then be taken to the post-production for final asset development like Promotional videos, Advertisements, and Corporate/ individual branding videos. Primary d uty includes developing an event’s visual capture style with Great stable video shots, detailed coverage of critical aspects of the events with smooth transitions, along with impeccable audio and light exposure quality.

The primary responsibility of the Creative Director is to ensure Production Success.
Get all the best possible raw footages of various natured events, of which few are in controlled
environments and few in not-so-controlled environments such as Live events etc.

1. Know-how of direction
    1.1. Determining, deploying, controlling, and finally developing an event’s visual style of                         coverageperspectively (during planning) and the day deployment with Camera & Drones
    1.2. Determining, deploying, and controlling lighting (natural or artificial lighting conditions) on                 the field
    1.3. Determining, deploying, and controlling top audio quality production
    1.4. Training the crew is a very integral part of this role as it’s a function which needs guided
           teamwork for top-notch coverage with the best camera angles and frames for events.
    1.5. Determining, deploying, and training the crew for settings such as filters, shutter speed,                   angles, focus, depth of field, & camera distance & placements, etc. in accordance with the                 nature of the event & asset quality outcome.
    1.6. Supervising a camera crew; technicians and directing camera movement.
    1.7. Be a part of shortlisting production equipments for ordering; testing; learn and train the                   utility know-how of them to self & the team
    1.8. It’s expected from the Field CD - Time to time keep aligned oneself with the latest                             technology & production techniques & upgrade self-learning as well with a few courses
    1.9. Liaising with electricians to ensure adequate electrical supply.
    1.10. Serve & assist clients in resolving issues by responding to questions in a timely and                          timely and professional manner for production-related troubleshooting.

2. Requirement
    2.1. Validating documents
           2.1.1. A minimum of 5 years of experience in the relevant industry
           2.1.2. A degree in film, art, or photography is advantageous
    2.2. Desirable qualities in the candidate
           2.2.1. Creative visual thinking
           2.2.2. Attention to detail
           2.2.3. Good technical camera operating skills
           2.2.4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
           2.2.5. Strong supervisory and leadership skills
           2.2.6. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
           2.2.7. Good physical fitness to accommodate flexible to dynamic working hours

To download this JD please click on the link Creative Director (Director of Field)_JD