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About Us:
Fluidscapes Consultants is an IT & service company which is engaged in providing a plethora of solutions using the ever-expanding gamut of digital technology. Incorporated in 2017, Fluidscapes has crossed many milestones of achievements to become a leader in its field with close to 100 employees and many prestigious customers. We have identified the following areas for our focused attention to climb further on the growth scale:
1. Technology enabling; Efficiency optimisation of organisations via technology
2. Web-development/ UI/UX, Mobile and Web App development
3. Digital marketing: End-to-end digital campaign handling
4. Online Reputation Management
5. On-Ground campaign outreach
6. Inventory Management Services
7. Financial Management Services
Going with our commitment to providing innovative solutions to our customers in a time-bound manner, our HR practices offer best employee experiences and ensure picking deserving candidates for employment based on skill, creativity, agility, and integrity.
We are not stereotyped in our recruitment process but are open to people with experiences in other fields or even with no experience. Anyone with talent and appetite to learn will have ample growth opportunities at Fluidscapes.
Job Description:
• Strong knowledge of camera and equipment, should be very quick towards creating frame in live
time, quick response to direction
• Responsible for capturing high-quality visual content that tells a story and creates a lasting
impression of the event.
• Collaborate with the Brand Manager, Field manager, director, and other team members to
determine the creative vision for the project.
• Plan and execute the camera shots and angles needed to capture the desired visual style to provide a comprehensive visual representation of the event as per the nature of the event.
• Set up and operate the camera and related equipment, including lighting, au dio, and other technical gear.
• Set up and operate cameras, lighting, and audio equipment to capture high -quality footage of the
• Work with the production team to ensure that the shots are properly framed and in focus and that
the audio quality is clear and consistent.
• Running tape into the video room.
• Promoting safety in all filming or tape transportation duties.

• Maintenance of all equipment.
• Dubbing of film.
• Filing and general office maintenance and duties.
• Operating different kinds of camera, the LiveU kit, should be able to use an audio/video mixer
• Edit videos, put up into a line-up of videos, sorting and selecting for edit process.
• Other job-related duties as assigned.

Candidate Requirement:
• Minimum 3+ years of experience in the cinematography of events shoots
• Good sense of light manipulation, color correction, and special effects
• We are seeking a talented and enthusiastic candidate to join our growing team
• Should be able to plan and execute photo shoots of properties independently
• Willing to travel
• Able to work in flexible timings schedule.

Apply for the position on https://career.fluidscapes.in/